Welcome to Pennsyltucky Grill online!

Pennsyltucky Grill is a family friendly restaurant located on Route 6 in Honesdale Pennsylvania, next to Kost Tires, and across from The Alpine. We have a wide selection to choose from, including delicious appetizers, wraps, juicy burgers, grilled sandwiches, pasta, ribs, steak, and more!

PTG burger picturePTG salad pictureCustomize your burger or sandwich exactly the way you like with our fixin’ bar, with fresh lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, peppers, mushrooms and more!

Our award winning Unlimited Soup Salad & Dessert Bar has a huge assortment of delicious fresh ingredients, perfect for vegetarians or those just looking to make a light healthy meal!   Eat all the soup, salad, and dessert you want for only $7.99, or add it to any of our delicious burgers, baskets, or sandwiches for just $3.99. Our kids menu meals include free unlimited beverage & dessert bar.

For dessert you can order off our menu, or make yourself a Sunday, strawberry shortcake, or other things when you get the Soup Salad & Dessert Bar.

After you’re done, feel free to browse the other shops in our mall including 3B’s Indoor Shooting Range and the gun shop at 911 Tactical. Check your receipt for coupons & special offers.

Try your luck with our new gumball machine.

ptg gumball

White Gumball = Free Kids Meal
Green Gumball
= Free Add on Soup / Salad Bar
Blue Gumball = Free Soft drink